About Us


AXIOM G is telecommunication service company headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand. We are provided the telecommunication solution RF about:
  1. Network Planning, Capacity and Design
  2. Network Optimization and Analysis
  3. Network Performance Management
  4. Network Customer Management
  5. Network Service Management
  6. Network Fault Management
  7. Network Probe Management
  8. GIS tools
  9. DATA (MAP Layer)
Applying the solution to support our customer with strong partner that leading telecommunication Software tools, Services and System Integration for end-to-end solution in world-class such as:
    • Asset product of AIRCOM international
  • Amdocs
    • Actix Analyzer
    • ActixOne
  • Pitney Bowes
    • MapInfo
  • Mycomm
    • NetExpert
    • ProOptima
    • ProAssure
    • ProInsight
    • ProActor
  • LuxCarta
    • 2D Map, 3D Map
  • cellOS Software
    • Network Probe and data analytic



And we are provided service and consulting to customer such as
  • Drive test, Analysis and optimization
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Business Consultancy
  • CW & Model Tuning

Implement mobile node


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