Radio Planning

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Radio Planning
ASSET is TEOCO’s market leading radio planning tool, providing RF coverage, capacity, cell parameter and neighbor planning for wireless and mobile cellular networks. For 2016, Analysys Mason again ranked TEOCO as the largest vendor of network planning and optimization software.
 A multi-technology software product for the planning of wireless networks including GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, small cells and other technologies in a single project. ASSET can be customized through a range of productivity packs, adding additional functionality.
 Along with the existing 2G, 3G and 4G support, ASSET is now also well on its way to being a fully capable 5G radio planning tool, already supporting key initial 5G modeling capabilities such as Massive MIMO, NB-IoT and 200MHz+ carrier bandwidths at up to 6oGHz frequencies.As a founding member of the 5G Innovation Centre, TEOCO has provided a number of tools to the project. ASSET is one of those tools and it is being used on a daily basis by researchers in the 5G test bed, providing us with as excellent opportunity to understand the engineering requirements of 5G network planning and expand the tools 5G capabilities.
ASSET is part of the TEOCO planning portfolio, a set of tightly integrated products to make the entire planning process as seamless as possible. Other products in the portfolio include ASSET Design (automated network design), ASSET Geo (geo-located traffic maps), ASSET Backhaul (backhaul planning) and ASSET Capacity (capacity planning).
Radio network planning is no longer a standalone business activity; a planning tool needs to connect to the wider OSS/BSS eco-system for maximum impact. ASSET seamlessly and reliably integrates with other systems, including:
  • Inventory
  • Site acquisition
  • Site rollout
  • Configuration management
  • Performance management
This data sharing significantly improves radio network planning accuracy and drives greater business process efficiency.
Product highlights include:
ASSET allows multiple technologies to be simultaneously modeled in a single project.
It supports GSM, UMTS and LTE (both FDD and TDD) as well as GPRS/EDGE, AMPS, TDMA, TACS, PCS, PMR/TETRA/iDEN, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+, CDMA2000, EV-DO, DVB-H, Fixed WiMAX and Mobile WiMAX.
ASSET also supports emerging IoT standards including NB-IoT, LTE-M and unlicensed LPWA technologies such as LoRa and Sigfox.
5G support is well under way with capabilities such as Massive MIMO, NB-IoT, and wide bandwidth, high frequency carriers already supported and new functionality being constantly added through our collaboration with the Surrey University 5G Innovation Centre.
The ASSET database can be shared across multiple users and sites, enabling a constant view of the current network, without requiring manual synchronization.
Excellent security provides a true multi-user environment for large-scale corporate deployments and network sharing projects. Privileges may be specified to manage individual and group access at multiple levels within the tool.
At the heart of ASSET is a GIS designed specifically with the radio network planner in mind. It features a comprehensive set of display and layering functionality, including the ability to display Web Maps and to edit cell parameters directly from the GIS.
ASSET includes a number of empirical and deterministic propagation models, as well as the option to add 3rd party models from providers such as Siradel, Wavecall and Altair (previously AWE Communications). Models can be manually or automatically tuned, and their accuracy can be improved by using measurement data.
By combining ASSET and ARRAYWIZARD,  you can schedule and produce nationwide coverage plots and statistical reports. These can then be published over the Web or printed.
Traffic modeling with ASSET allows you to forecast traffic and analyze capacity, and to model new services prior to implementation. Running ‘What-if?’ scenarios ensures the best design is deployed.
ASSET features the most powerful neighbor planner on the market. Neighbor relations between cells, including IRAT handovers, can be planned and analyzed. Neighbor relation parameter planning is also included.
Network measurements from multiple sources, such as drive tests, carrier wave measurements and mobile measurement reports, can be imported into ASSET to tune propagation models and enhance neighbor planning.
A modern approach to integration, based on SOA-compliant web services, provides ASSET with the ability to easily integrate into large-scale, multi-application environments.














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