Campaign Management

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Campaign Management Software

Marketing teams often face difficulty in segmenting customers at a micro-level to target the right group of customers with the right products and services. The difficulty lies in the getting the right data, using the right analytical technique, and launching campaigns at the right time. Our solution helps derive intelligence from the network to segment, attract, grow and retain customers.
At the same time, it will be possible to analyze how much bandwidth each OTT application consumes to identify those that have a high cost of delivery.
Through our network visibility and advanced analytic solution, we offer a way to understand which OTT applications are the most popular and how subscribers are using them – sending instant messages, posting files to Facebook, making video calls, playing games online and more. Marketing teams can then evaluate various business models in collaboration with OTT players and monetize the data traversing the network.
Our campaign management solution helps to enhance operators’ campaign effectiveness through personalized and targeted advertisements. Campaigns can be delivered to different channels and can be tracked efficiently, resulting in highly effective marketing campaigns.
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Campaign Management Software

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