Data Extraction Platform

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         Data Extraction Software   

Today, the extraction and analysis of data going through the packet-switched network is key to operating a truly-effective, automated mobile service. The key is not only to support multi-technology (LTE, 3G, and 2G) and multi-network environments but also to trace the handovers between technologies for e.g. LTE -> 3G. CellOS Software Data Extraction Platform satisfies the onerous data extraction, inspection, correlation and analysis requirements in order to enable Mobile network operators to utilize it in the right manner – the information and intelligence has the potential to transform the business – cost reduction, quality improvement and revenue enhancement.
CellOS Software Data Extraction Platform offers high-level of flexibility and scalability that only a Cloud-based Data Extraction Platform can provide to manage traffic growth. Its software-based, hardware-agnostic, network-agnostic and multi-technology compliant.
It extracts data in real-time and correlates all signaling information (c-plane) and subscriber usage (u-plane) information including OTT applications in LTE, 3G and 2G networks. It identifies and classifies 1000s of protocols and is pre-integrated with leading high-performing big data platforms for advanced analysis.
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       Data Extraction Platform

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