iBwave Wi-Fi® Suite

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 iBwave Wi-Fi Suite

Streamline your Wi-Fi network planning and design with the iBwave Wi-Fi Suite.
The iBwave Wi-Fi® Suite gives you a radically more productive and collaborative way to work on Wi-Fi network design projects. With cloud connectivity across all products in the suite, projects can be easily opened in any of the products, any time. Start a survey and design on-site using iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile on your tablet. Save it to the cloud so you or your team can easily open the files and complete the design in stunning 3D using the more powerful PC version, iBwave Wi-Fi®.When ready, send the project to your customer who can easily open and review it in iBwave Viewer, a simplified read-only version of the software for customers. The result? Easier collaboration, more productivity and happier customers.
 iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile
Take iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile on-site to survey, design, validate and share your Wi-Fi networks. Do active and passive surveys, capture site aesthetics to geo-located pushpins on the floorplan, start your design as you walk the site and then save all your files to the cloud for you or your team to open, model and design on the PC with the more powerful iBwave Wi-Fi®.
 iBwave Wi-Fi®
iBwave Wi-Fi® is our powerful PC-based 3D Wi-Fi network planning and design solution. Use it in conjunction with iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile or on its own to do active and passive surveys, model venues in stunning 3D, design from a full database of accurately-modeled network components (APs, cables, controllers, routers, switches), calibrate prediction with survey data, and run key project reports for your installation team and customers.
 iBwave Viewer
iBwave Viewer is a free, simplified and read-only version of iBwave Wi-Fi® your customers can download to review any project design files you send them and run their own reports.

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