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We are represent ASSET (Radio Planning) in Thailand

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Our extensive planning and optimization portfolio stems from the acquisition of industry leaders in this area including AIRCOM, Schema and Symena.
ASSET (Radio Planning)
ASSET is TEOCO’s market leading radio planning tool, providing RF coverage, capacity, cell parameter and neighbor planning for wireless and mobile cellular networks. For 2016, Analysys Mason again ranked TEOCO as the largest vendor of network planning and optimization software.
A multi-technology software product for the planning of wireless networks including GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, small cells and other technologies in a single project. ASSET can be customized through a range of productivity packs, adding additional functionality.
ASSET Backhaul (Backhaul Planning)
ASSET Backhaul (previously known as CONNECT) is a wireless backhaul network planning tool. It provides microwave link planning, path profiling, frequency and interference analysis and routing and capacity optimization. This complete backhaul network planning solution covers all wireless backhaul technologies, including point-to-multipoint, non-line-of-sight and micro and millimeter wave radio support, and is ideally suited to small cell backhaul planning.


ASSET Capacity (Capacity Planning)
ASSET Capacity (previously known as DIMENSION) is an end-to-end network capacity planning tool providing network visualization, capacity management and scenario planning (what-if analysis and forecasting). It lets you model and visualize your entire multi-vendor and multi-layer network topology in one place, from RAN to Core and Transmission. Multiple planners are able to work simultaneously, understanding the network connectivity, identifying capacity bottlenecks and planning the end-to-end network faster and more accurately.
ASSET Design (Automated Network Design)
ASSET Design is an automated network design tool. It enables the optimization of macro cell network designs and the addition of new small cell sites within a single module.
(ASSET Design has replaced two tools previously available from TEOCO: Capesso, our automatic cell planning tool and Velox, our small cell planning tool)
ASSET Design has two modes. In Design Optimization mode it can determine the best network design by analyzing and optimizing radio network data to meet planning objectives such as coverage, capacity and quality of service for today’s multi-technology networks.
ASSET Geo (Geo-located Traffic Maps)
Radio network planning has always been the fundamental first step to ensure a high performing network. As customers have grown to rely more on their mobile devices, their expectation of network performance has also increased.
To meet the increased coverage and capacity demands requires additional sites to be built, but increased market competition means the budget available for network expansions is under severe pressure. Planning engineers therefore need, more than ever, to determine the most profitable and efficient locations to deploy new sites.
Forte (Spectrum Refarming)
Forte is our powerful measurement based 2G optimization tool that provides quality KPI-based evaluations. It also benchmarks your current network configuration and the performance of proposed frequency plans. The solution automates data collection, parsing, analysis, and implementation scripts, and delivers accurate network modeling and advanced simulation for spectrum refarming.
Mentor (RAN Optimization & Analytics)
Mentor is a RAN optimization and analytics software tool that leverages network measurements and geolocation to deliver radio access resource optimization and troubleshooting.
With multiple technologies, vendors and layers in a network, engineers need an end-to-end solution to monitor both the network and the subscriber experience. Using a powerful optimization engine based on mobile measurements, Mentor delivers advanced RAN optimization and performance monitoring, deep-dive troubleshooting and subscriber experience visualization. Extensive analytics capabilities enable analysis across devices, subscribers, and locations, under-pinned by our geolocation engine, which delivers market-leading accuracy.
SmartCM (RAN Configuration Management)
As new technologies and equipment are introduced into networks, the accuracy and validation of Radio Access Network (RAN) configuration changes are critical to ensure healthy network operations and excellent customer quality of experience.
When it comes to RAN configuration management:
  • Are you confident your radio network is configured as you intended? Misconfiguration is one of the primary causes of poor network performance.
  • Are you able to identify network configuration issues which could be causing a loss of revenue?
  • Are you confident that the network changes suggested by your planning and optimization solutions have been correctly implemented in the network? If not the investment in these tools is being wasted.
SmartCM was built to address these and many other configuration management challenges.


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