Spectrum Spatial For Business Intelligence

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Spectrum Spatial for Business Intelligence
Access more data, gain richer insight and find the right answer with ease.
: Flexible map displays  : Instant customization
:Robust background maps  :Advanced analytics
:Smarter calculations

Measure performance
Analyze customer and propect targets by geography
Target market identification, customer segmentation, merchandising planning
Network build out, store area analysis, market penetration analysis
Assign assets
Service management, law enforcement resources, engineering resources, territory assignments
Track resources
Analyze customers and support needs by sales territories, asset management, and utilization
Manage services
Customer services, financial services, field repair services.
Can be used with a range of BI tools

Such as: SAP Business Objects, IBM Cognos, in addition to – Tableau, QlikView®, QlikSense®, MicroStrategy, Microsoft Reporting Services and Excel. 

Robust, out-of-the-box solution

Allows bi-directional integration between BI and powerful spatial analytical capabilities that enable business users – such as marketing analysts, business analysts and other knowledge workers – to better understand the spatial context of the data within their Business Intelligence system.

 Smart architecture
Mapping and data does not have to be on the same servers as the BI applications, which greatly speeds up processing.
Spectrum Spatial for BI also allows you to:
Build on the power of the BI system to provide decision makers with a complete analysis platform
Increase user adoption by utilizing the established corporate reporting portal
Deliver insights securely by utilizing existing corporate authentication/access control
Rapidly incorporate spatial insights without having to be a GIS expert or write code  


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